What is the Holiday Badge

What Is The Holiday Badge?

The idea behind the Holiday Badge is to provide a sense of closeness with Santa Claus himself.  Children love being given a special gift from Santa, beyond a "From: Santa" tag on a wrapped present, the Holiday Badge is a custom product from the man in red himself, declaring children the Official Gift Inspector, or an Official Santa's Helper.  Children take the role seriously - passing out toys, spreading the Christmas joy, and maybe even by helping with the clean up!

The Holiday Badge is a remarkably simple, yet beloved childrens holiday gift.  A festive holiday themed name badge is custom made with the childs name permanently imprinted.  With safety in mind,  we removed the sharp pins and instead used a strong magnetic fastener that will stay in place even while the children run and play on a special Christmas day.

A quality, American made gift under $10 that will bring timeless joy to your holiday traditions.  The Holiday Badge makes one of the best stocking stuffers ever for children and adults. Yes, adults love them too!


Holiday Badges is secured for your protection.